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Foil Me


Founded by dynamic husband and-wife duo, Iliano and Emily Ciardiello, Foil Me is an Adelaide based hair foil company that embodies innovation, creativity, and sustainability. From their humble beginnings in 2014, Foil Me has become a pioneer, disrupting norms and pushing boundaries. It’s not just a brand, it’s a Movement; a driving force committed to creating a more vibrant, eco friendly future for all.

In working meticulously to design their unique and intricately detailed collections, Foil Me provide hair artists with the inspiration and admiration to create their own art. By adapting to the ever- evolving needs of the industry, Foil Me has dedicated their mission to creating hair products that not only benefit their customers, affectionately dubbed ‘Movers’, but also the environment. With sustainability at the heart of all they do, Foil Me’s core focus is to provide stylists with salon essentials that don’t compromise on quality or cost the Earth.

To follow through on their promise, every single foil collection of Foil Me’s is comprised of a percentage of high-quality recycled aluminium – and, like all aluminium foil, it is 100% recyclable. The brushes, entirely vegan and crafted from PP plastic, mirror this dedication to sustainability and
versatility, as does The Board, which is made from 100% recycled plastic – both of which are completely recyclable. Even the packaging is carefully chosen, ensuring it’s easily recyclable and aligns with their eco-conscious ethos.

Deeply invested in giving back, Foil Me orchestrate and engage in fundraising and awareness campaigns, supporting causes close to their hearts and resonating with their community. It’s not just about creating exceptional products; it’s about fostering positive change on a broader scale. In a similar vein, Foil Me are passionate about supporting education within the hair industry. From proudly sponsoring some of the industry’s most renowned talents and global educational events, they hope to nurture a culture of growth and camaraderie within the hairdressing industry.

Foil Me is more than a hair foil company – it’s a Movement that embodies sustainability, innovation, and community engagement. A celebration of creativity, these industry trailblazers are a testament to how a company can help enhance the artistry of hairdressing while encouraging a more sustainable future for the industry and beyond.