Waste Free Systems

Waste Free Systems provides recycling and reuse solutions for your salon business.


Our Mission

Repurpose, Reuse, Reimagine is our philosophy. Where possible we look for waste repurpose options for each hairdressing or food business that come through our doors. We save 90% of hair salon and business waste from landfill. That’s only one wheelie bin of waste to landfill for every 20 businesses we service. We educate through schools, TAFEs, corporates and the wider community. Businesses making an environmentally conscious change include hair salons, barbers, beauty and a sustainable surfboard manufacturer. Our list of food businesses such as restaurants and cafes is growing quickly.

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Our Values

We align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to deliver benefits to the People in our community, whether they are businesses, collaborators or just people in need. To the Planet for saving waste from landfill. This provides a major positive to the environment, to the air we breathe and to the water we drink as we are keeping plastics out of the ocean. And by directing waste solution Profits towards supporting projects where we can make the most impact.

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recycling process

Recycling Process

We provide a customised “smart small bin system” targeted to individual hair salons and food industries. Our bins can be wrapped in artwork so they become a conversational piece within your business. We offer a weekly or fortnightly pick up service of our outside bins, pending on the business needs.

Circular Social Economy

As the community grows, so do the benefits to the businesses, their clients, the in-needs communities we support like Bravehearts, Foodbank and our Homeless Haircut Program and to our solutions and the reverse impact on our environment.

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Our Founders

Bernie and Leanne Craven: With a background of 40 years in the hairdressing industry. Thirty of those years as environmental business owners; “We always tried to minimise the environmental impact of our business and at the same time, got to know the waste streams generated by the industry very well. It made sense to us to Reimagine the way waste was organised in SME’s and support businesses and their people to benefit the environment and their lives.”

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