Why Repurpose?

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Repurposing is a ground-breaking new approach to an age-old problem.

Unless you’re actively engaged in reducing waste, your salon is contributing to the mess we’re creating for future generations.
Currently only 1% of Australian salons are currently doing anything about it. Did you know that:

• The majority of salon waste ends up down the drain and in the water supply or a landfill?
• Every year Australian salons send 1200 tonnes of foil waste to landfill? That’s around the same weight as 120 semi-trailers.
• Common salon waste like foil and plastics takes centuries to fully degrade?

This is crazy! Aluminium and other metals, colour tubes, hair, plastics, razors and other sharps, and even foodstuffs can all be collected and re-purposed.


Going waste-free

Most salon owners do not intentionally contribute to the problem – but either they don’t know how to help or don’t have the time. The present recycling system is inadequate to deal with the sheer volume of waste produced by salons.

We set up Waste Free Systems to help well-meaning salon owners go waste-free and reverse the current trends that are ruining the planet: namely, less waste in landfill, waterways, and the environment. But, more than that – we also wanted to help people AND turn waste into profitable resources.


How are you helping people?

Apart from the obvious help for future generations by helping the planet, becoming a salon partner of Waste Free System means you are also helping people in an immediate way.

New technology and nature allows us to connect most of the waste from salons to projects that really make a difference to the lives of people in need in Australian; we are looking at ways to turn it into ever-more profitable materials, to the benefit of as many people as possible. One of the groups we support is the Bravehearts Foundation whose mission is to prevent child sexual assault in our society. Their vision is to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child. One of the children we support with councelling sessions may just end up being the Prime Minister of our country one day. This and more programs are supported with the proceeds of our Repurposing efforts.

tick A waste-free salon that recycles everything it uses
tick Helping to fund people in need – without it costing you a cent
tick Growing your business while you help the environment

cross Contributing to the landfills that plague our landscape
cross Continuing to harm our water supply with chemicals
cross Paying mere lip-service to recycling

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