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bins headerApart from the help you’ll be bringing to the planet, to future generations, and to in-need people around the world, going waste-free provides your salon with a unique opportunity to grow.


Differentiate your business

Imagine being able to tell your clients that, by having a haircut, they are helping the planet and humanity! Which other salons in your area can offer this? You will be setting your business apart from the rest.


Grow The Customer Base

A natural knock-on effect of this will be to grow your number of clients, as they tell their friends and word gets around about the great work you’re doing. Nothing beats word-of-mouth advertising for increasing cash-flow. Whether you want to purchase extra salon products, hire new staff, attend industry events or take an extended break, it’s up to you.
We can all use a little extra cash.


Partner with like-minded salons

By becoming a Salon Partner you will be joining a unique group of committed businesses that think environmentally, take action for humanity, and benefit financially. Using our ‘turnkey’ solution to salon waste management, you will have all the tools you need to grow your business.

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